My Problem With Coral

By | January 30, 2013

This week I’m linking up again with MamaKat and MomPulse in a vlogging challenge. The prompt I chose was: What is the last thing you bought? 

Now, before you watch this you must know that I don’t usually buy this much stuff for myself. At once. And actually, this wasn’t all bought at once. I believe this “stuff” was gathered over the course of a few weeks…Which is actually more concerning than if I had bought it all in one trip.

Just watch. And know that I am seeking professional help for my problem.

Not really.

I did run out of money, though. So no more shopping for this little coral-bedecked chick.

Even though I shared this video on my blog, would you be a darling dear, and go over and subscribe to my channel? I’d be ever so grateful. Also, I’ve mostly been vlogging through this challenge but if you like to hear me run my mouth feel free to recommend topics for me! Vlogging is unnatural–as awkward brilliant as I am behind the camera—it feels weird. Have any questions you’re dying to ask? Dares?


13 thoughts on “My Problem With Coral

  1. Veronica

    I love that pillow ???? I can sew, but pillows can be a little tricky. That is defiantly one to buy and not try to make!

    1. hillary

      Thanks for the confirmation ???? Sometimes you just have to buy it. I mean, it practically reached out and grabbed ME.

  2. Lydia

    I HATE those blasted shopping fairies! However, it appears that each of the items is completely necessary! ????

  3. Chris Carter

    SO cute!!! Again you crack me up!! I LOVE love love that song too… so SO powerful! Have fun finding your lipstick!! ????

  4. Jendi

    I love that shade too! I think I heard that the fairies thing – when you keep seeing things that connect – is something with quantam…quantam entanglement? I don’t know. Sounds good anyway.

  5. Miriam Gomberg

    Mac has great shades of coral lipstick. Trust me, you are never really done buying things in coral. Every year the experts say it is back in style and it is such a vibrant happy color to wear.


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