Awesome Sauce +$100 for Someone Awesome

By | March 16, 2013

Happy Saturday, y’all!

This weekend is very special for me. I am spending it with my entire family–plus, boyfriends and girlfriends of my family members! Now, if you’ll remember, I have five other siblings. This means there are six children in my family. Three of us are married, and three still need to tie the knot.

Awesome Sauce +0 for Someone Awesome

My little sis, who is about the dog-gone sweetest catch available to mankind, has somehow managed to find herself a true-blue cowboy for a love. We’re talking Oklahoma born n’ raised, complete with boots, starched jeans, and a rugged country accent.

Awesome Sauce +0 for Someone Awesome

I am so excited because after hearing about him for four months I get to finally pigeon-hole the man and find out what his intentions are with my little golden sister.

Awesome Sauce +0 for Someone Awesome

Yippee kay yay!

Word has it that he is skeert to death of me. I can be very intimidating, you know. But only when it comes to my seester. Will be sure to report back to you next week on the Cowboy.

Today is going to be a fun day filled with hiking, marshmallow roasting, flag football, and a delicious Korean BBQ put on by my dazzling Filipino sis-in-law. Julynn is dazzling for many reasons, but the one thing that stands out today is that she brought up homemade macaroons. I died.

Awesome Sauce +0 for Someone Awesome

As long as no one ends up in the emergency room for some unforeseen, but totally predictable {based off genetics} accident, we should have a smashing good time. I guarantee there will be tiny seedlings of blog fodder sprinkled throughout all the fascinating moments shared with family.

And this brings me to the point of this post. Guys, I want you to meet Minted. Minted is a community of thousands of unique artists and creators working together to find the newest designs in all things print. Minted wants to give one of you Fascinating readers $100 to spend on whatever the heck you want at their store!! So lets take a look at some of the options!

Whether you’re needing new business cards (I am!), wanting invites to your kids birthday party, or have a darling baby whose sweetness should be shared with lots of friends and family in a birth announcement: I have got the thing for you.

This is like one of my most favorite announcements ever. I’ll be completely honest. I don’t like that extra “M” but whatevs.

Awesome Sauce +0 for Someone Awesome

I changed my mind. I would use this Telegram inspired postcard. Super cute!!

Awesome Sauce +0 for Someone Awesome

mintedAlso, maybe you’re dying for a new spruce up in your living room, kitchen, or your kids room. What could be greater than some stylized, quality art prints. Like, for example, the ones I’ve been using for the images in this post? That’s right. They’re all from Minted.

At Minted. You can customize the prints with your family’s name.

I am all over this art work! It is so cute and so modern!

Awesome Sauce +0 for Someone Awesome


I also really dig this one.

Awesome Sauce +0 for Someone Awesome

Ok and this one too!

Awesome Sauce +0 for Someone Awesome

Very modern take on the family tree.

Okie dokie! Enter away! You have until next Sunday (24) to enter.

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8 thoughts on “Awesome Sauce +$100 for Someone Awesome

  1. Bethany @ Bad Parenting Moments

    Oooooh, fancy giveaway! I could use some Minted in my life. Enjoy your marshmallows, cowboy boots and family time.

  2. Kim

    This is perfect! I was just thinking about getting a new batch of business cars. Thanks for nudging me into Instagram. Had downloaded the iPad app, but hadn’t done anything with it. Now I have my first photo on Instagram thanks to you, and my lovely Leprechaun daughter who was willing to be my subject.

  3. Deana W.

    What a great giveaway! So glad you had a nice weekend with family. I love those weekends!

  4. Chris Carter

    OH your family sounds SO fun!! Or maybe you are just the fun one…dunno. Anyhoo- hoping sis’s pick of a cowboy is all you expect and MORE. And if his knees are a shakin’… he’s probably hiding somethin’. (Your country slang is rubbing off on me) I would hire an investigator just to be sure he’s okay by you. ???? Eat some marshmallows for me! Yum.

  5. Elena Brohmer

    I love Minted and I’ve been eyeing their site lately!

  6. Jessica

    Love Minted and didn’t realize they had such cute prints. Have a great weekend with your family.

  7. Ashley C

    I loove their first birthday invitations, a great price with adorable designs


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