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By | August 19, 2013

Boudreaux pin

A while back I wrote about Butt Paste and how it is my brand of choice for treating diaper rash. I promise you, the post was a lot more riveting than the description I just gave. *ahem.

Well, I no longer have little ones in diapers (thank heavens), but Butt Paste is still something we keep around for um, unfortunate problems.

I used to refer to my children as the wildebeests. Now that we live by the beach they are my sand crabs. I personally hate the sand, but it seems they just cannot get enough of it. They’re not fully satisfied until sand has entered every crevice and cranny of bathing suit and beyond. *Shudder.

Poor little Chaucer has gotten some serious chafing . I have no idea why this is an issue for him and not Coco, but it just is. Tis a sad thing to behold a small boy suffering. Especially at the beach! It makes things like chasing seagulls, jumping in the waves, and building castles not as fun.

The other day he was in absolute tears. And that is when I had the ah-ha moment. Ding! Butt Paste! Ok, I didn’t have it on me, but I threw a t-shirt on him and after we got home I applied the booty paste. GUESS WHAT? It freaking worked. Instant relief.

Now, this stuff is in my beach bag. Who would of thunk that Butt Paste would become our beach staple?

While I was at BlogHer I had the opportunity to actually meet George Boudreaux, the mastermind behind Butt Paste.

I had no idea what to expect in Mr. Boudreaux. Would he be like a mad scientist, fixated on butt rash? Would he talk about beakers and experiments gone awry before landing on the perfect potion? Or would he be a big goof who snickered at the word “butt,” like my dad and brothers do?

I had a great time chatting with Mr. Boudreaux. I found out right away that he has eleven grandkids and I instantly wanted him to adopt me as another grandchild.

meeting boudreaux

The man is like Christmas. Jolly, kind, and ready to laugh at a moment’s notice.

He asked me about my kids–told me about his. Explained to me how he sort of just loved the edginess of calling his product “Butt Paste” in the 70’s.

As we talked, I was able to figure out what it is about this product that makes it such a huge success. This man saw a need and met it by creating his own formula. It wasn’t a big business venture at the get-go. Just a solution to a problem that every parent has to deal with in the baby years.

I think Mr. Boudreaux loves helping people. He used to just hand the stuff out in big old tubs. Fortunately, he also had the vision to take his product outside of Louisiana and made it accessible nation-wide!

So…revisiting why I liked Butt Paste in the first place:

1.) The name is awesome. Like, duh. I will always choose a cleverly branded item over something bland and safe.

2.) It doesn’t stink! You know how most diaper creams stink to high heaven? You apply it, vigorously wash your hands, and hours later–can still smell it? Yah, this stuff doesn’t smell. And it wipes off super easy.

3.) It works. Should this be reason #1? Perhaps. But really, this stuff works! My kids even love it. Observe. I didn’t put them up to this at all. Well…maybe just a bit.


See? My kids LOVE saying the phrase, “Butt Paste!” We had so many giggle breaks during the making of this video. Wanna get your kids involved? I’d love to see what your children think of Butt Paste.

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78 thoughts on “The Butt Paste Guy

  1. Mari

    I adopted my son when he was out of the diaper phase so we never had a chance to use butt paste (He does find the name funny, however). But I will keep it in mind for a baby shower I am attending soon, it will make a great addition to the gift basket I’m putting together.

  2. Lisa Brown

    My Butt Paste Miracle: saved my little one from diaper rash, more than once, which keeps him comfortable, and that’s a great felling.

    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  3. Harmony B

    My son always gets diaper rash from too much fruit, butt paste is the only thing that helps

  4. Thomas Murphy

    My kids always got rashes and the only thing that really helped was Butt Paste.

  5. angie lilly

    I do not see an actual sweepstakes prompt anywhere on your post, so I will just comment on the post itself. I hope this is OK! The video you made is so cute! Your children are adorable. What a pretty family! So funny that the word “butt” is naughty to you guys! I have never heard that before! LOL

  6. Jessie C.

    DD once tried to use Boudreaux’s as glue to her crafty project, she insisted “it works the wonder and it is a magic glue because that ‘s what we called in the house.

  7. Chris Carter

    Oh that video is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO

  8. Kerry

    I’ve heard great things about the product. I thought it was a made up name the first time I heard people talk about “butt paste”. lol

  9. Mami2jcn

    tweeted the video–

  10. Betty C

    Tweet –

  11. D Schmidt


  12. angie lilly

    I tweeted here:

  13. maria cantu

    I used it on my kids and it did a great job with their diaper rashes.

  14. Debbie B

    i tweeted the video :

  15. Lisa Brown

    tweet –

    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  16. Susan Smith

    We used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste when our children were young and we very happy with the results.

  17. Amanda Sakovitz

    Boudreaux’s Butt Paste cream has always worked great for us and soothed diaper rash many times

  18. Elena

    The video is so funny. I used the paste when my son was little

  19. Anna Pry

    this is the only diaper rash cream we use, it really does work well

  20. steph

    no diaper rashes here but he smiles at the phrase butt paste!

  21. Kelly D


  22. Ellie W

    Butt Paste is great. It really works….but I do still giggle over the name.

  23. Wild Orchid

    I used it with my son, and it worked great! He didn’t have too many run-ins with diaper rash, but he did on occasion. I was glad to have this on hand.

  24. Kelly D

    My kids think Butt Paste is silly because of the name, but it always worked great on clearing their rashes when they were babies.

  25. Amanda Sakovitz

    1. Amanda Sakovitz

      sorry i forgot to include the youtube video in my first tweet. here is my new tweet

  26. Mami2jcn

    My 10 year old son laughs whenever he sees “butt paste”. He’s going through a potty humor phase, which may never end because my husband cracks up over it, too.

  27. Nicole Larsen

    Butt paste is the ONLY thing I ever use on diaper rashes! I discovered it when my now 5 yr old was a baby–I now have a newborn son and only use Butt paste on him as well ????

  28. Norma

    With my daughter I used cloth diapers, baby powder, and very frequent changes and never had rash issues.

    1. Anna Pry

      woops, forgot the video link- here’s the right tweet

  29. Betty C

    My children are adults now with children (and grandchildren) of their own. We all love the video and Butt Paste is a staple in all the nurseries.

  30. Jessie C.


  31. Claudia

    When my son was small I used Boudreaux’s butt paste and I liked how well and fast helped heal the diaper rash and also helped prevent diaper rash .

  32. Becky Horn


  33. rachel

    I didn’t see a prompt question, but I like the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste actually works and solves the issue!

  34. Cody Anderson

    My husband thinks the the product name is spot-on funny and great for marketing.

  35. One Frugal Girl

    This stuff is a life saver on summer vacation. After spending time in the pool and the ocean diaper rash is often par for the course. Butt paste helps keep it at bay every single time!

  36. Tina M

    I love the video. i used butt paste to saved my little one’s BUTT!!

  37. Wild Orchid


  38. Debbie B

    i tweeted here:

  39. kolpin

    I need to tell my sister about this cream….it would really help my little niece!

  40. Janice Cooper

    Wow unfortunately I’ve never used this but would like to try it. May help with diaper rashes on my little niece.

  41. Nikki

    We love butt paste…use it all the time, even though no more diapers!

  42. kolpin

    tweeted the video

  43. Amy Tong

    Your video is so cute. I love Boudreaux’s Butt Paste because it works like magic for my kids when they were still on diaper. How awesome you’ve got to meet Mr. Boudreaux in person! I would love to say Hi, and many thank you’s to him!

  44. Sarah L

    No kids. Haven’t used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. The video is funny.

    Thanks for the contest.

  45. April

    Your video was super cute! The Rashadon, not as a cute but I did like the radio station name ZBUT. That was funny.

  46. D Schmidt

    We are a Boudreaux’s family as well! My youngest son adores acidic fruit and as such he was developing dreadful rashes until we discovered this wonder product. My son has also tried to cover his whole body in the paste before and I am pleased to report it left him with fantastically soft skin


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