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By | September 8, 2013

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Do you ever feel saved by a TV show? As in, without it you just don’t know where you’d be?

Oh come ON! Surely I can’t be the only one??

Itís hard to believe, but weíve only just gone through ONE season of Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins. What?

Wait. What??

It feels like Doc McStuffins has been around for the entirety of my kidsí childhood. But actually, she’s only been on the air for one year.

Thatís pretty amazing, given her scope of influence.

Kids have always loved to play doctor.

But Doc McStuffins has turned the game on its head. The ìDoctorî has become a kid! This is a character who is accessible to all children. The Doctor is someone they can be to their toys, their friends, and their family. The Doctor is just like them.

I get annoyed by a lot of kids’ shows. Like, Caillou? Ugh. Barney? Well, he teaches manners and all—but, he’s annoying.

The Doc is classy. I like her. I would want her as my kid.

Here are my favorite things about the show:

1.) Doc teaches kids to question their surroundings. The Doc solves her cases by looking into the very toys that she knows and loves. She always learns something new about that toy.

… Except Chilly. He’s a hypochondriac and we all know that.
2.) Doc teaches children to be helpers and problem solvers. Kids LOVE to help. The Doc is a great role-model for kids to practice at home and during play time.
3.) The Doc is kind. I like the way she behaves with her brother and friends. Like I said, I could totally use a kid like that in my own family.

I think Doc is special to me because she kind of started at the end of difficult period of health for me. I wish I would have had her at the beginning. You see, kids need to be able to contextualize sickness and pain. They want to participate, but often don’t know how. I think Doc exemplifies empathy–a quality that has to be learned.

So Doc McStuffins has been an important show for our little family. I’m glad to know we’ve got a whole new season coming up, and I hope she’s here to stay!

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Be sure to check out the Disney’s “Doc McStuffins” site to explore the new episodes that will show every Friday in September starting on 9/6 on Disney Junior. Watch the video below to get great tips on how to keep your kids healthy from Doc McStuffins herself:

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81 thoughts on “Doc McStuffins

  1. Jeannette @ Mommy Needs A Martini

    We love Doc in our house! My 3yo made her own book of boo boo’s ????

    I have picky eaters so I love the squeezable food pouches of fruits and veggies. They’re fun with appealing packaging and my kids love them!

  2. Brandi

    I try to keep dry snacks in the car so when we are starving on the way home from school and work I’m not tempted to stop and get fast food.

  3. Sonya Morris


  4. Sean

    we try to get out 10 month old to crawl/walk around as much as possible to keep him active…and as for snacks, so far bananas and applesauce are his favorite foods.

  5. LAMusing

    I don’t have kids, but my parents always kept nuts and carrots sticks around for snacks and fresh fruit for my “sweets” cravings ????

  6. Amy Tong

    I love to keep my kids lunch boxes fresh and colorful with lots of fruit and veggies. ???? They always think they’re eating a rainbow!

  7. Francine Anchondo

    We take fruit and also take family walks to keep us healthy

  8. Sarah VM

    I keep a lot of fruits and vegetables in the house. I also buy fat free yogurt and mix fruit and granola in it for a healthy parfait.

  9. Nicole Larsen

    We keep antibacterial wipes in the car. We also take pieces of fruit with us wherever we go (ie after school activities, zoo, parks)

  10. christina

    tweeted! =)

  11. Sarah L

    No kids, just me. I wash hands often, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep.

    Thanks for the contest.

  12. Amalia J

    It’s been quite hot here, so I started taking ice water with me to pick up the kids from school. They’ve been glad about that. Since school started, I’m changing out the hand towels more frequently. When baking, I use less sugar than recipes call for, sometimes using 1/2 xylitol, add zucchini or pumpkin and often using flax ‘eggs.’ For soccer games, I freeze a wet washcloth in a bag and take a spray bottle along, putting both into a cooler. We’ll have to watch for the Doc to show up on Netflix. Sounds good….and I so agree about Barney & Caillou!

  13. marisa tyre

    Since my son loves fruits and veggies more than anything, I was afraid to try him on the fruit snacks, but he really likes them and they are easy to put in the diaper bag!

  14. Robin Wilson


  15. Tamar

    I have picky eaters so we have to hide the veggies/fruits in fruit juices and veggie sticks.

  16. angie lilly

    I tweeted here:

  17. Melinda

    we pack cheese sticks, apples, grapes and whole wheat pretzels for on-the-go snacks

  18. Kate R.

    We bring their bikes with us as often as possible to give them a way to burn up some energy safely no matter where we are.

    They love Doc!

  19. Sonya Morris

    I try by packing healthy snacks when we are going on a planned trip or activity. When I forget, I try to stop at places with healthier food options & police what foods they get.

  20. christina

    We only drink water except for rare occasions at a friends house or a birthday or something, and the kids each have their own water bottle that makes it super easy for them to drink throughout the day. They also play outside quite a bit, bikes, trampoline, etc. We don’t do much snacking, don’t even really buy snack food for the most part so on days they ask for a snack they have some fruit or maybe some veggie chips.

  21. Tifffers

    I got my kids drinking juice that is “hydrated”… which means I do 1 part juice to 3 parts water. They now will not drink juice full strength, it’s too sweet! (Hahahahha!) Our on the go snacks usually are something filling: hard boiled eggs, protein bars, granola bars, crasins mixed with almonds, cheese sticks, peanut butter samich crackers. Those are my top ones, the non perishable basically live in my truck all the time.

  22. Lisa Brown

    my tweet –

    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  23. Madeline

    I keep my child healthy by having an available stash of some of the healthier snacks that she likes, such as dried mangos or blueberries.

  24. Betty C

    When my children were small it was hard to keep fruit on hand. That was always their favorite snack and they ate fruit several times a day.

  25. Lisa Garner

    I Tweeted:

  26. Tanya Rogers

    we love the show too. We have at least 3 types of grab and go veggies ready at all times. Her snack drawer has pics of healthy foods she can choose. Her choices include the veggies, dried fruit, and nuts. Unfortunately I’m still having difficulty getting calcium in her diet. I’ll take some tips for that issue.

  27. Amanda

    I tweeted at

  28. Amanda

    I really try to push fruit as healthy snack alternatives! If my daughter is hungry, I always encourage her to grab something from our fruit drawer in the fridge!

  29. Mami2jcn


  30. Carmen

    We love Doc in our household. Fortunately, my daughter loves fruit, so we have no problems getting daily (more multiple times per day) doses

  31. Ellie W

    My grandson is newly diagnosed with a nut allergy, so we are learning the ins and out od what is safe for him to snack on and what’s not. I keep fresh fruits stocked for him at home and fruit snacks, Gogurts, and Jellos for on the go snacks.

  32. Susan Smith

    We pack healthy snacks whenever we are on the go fruit and granola bars, crackers, cheese sticks and fruit snacks are easy to take along. I also carry water bottles with us too.

  33. Erica Best

  34. Whitney

    I always try to keep lots of chopped up veggies with a nice side dip & bottled waters on hand!

  35. Bethany B.

    Each kid has one of those Starbucks cups with the lid and hard plastic straw, I always fill those up and grab a healthy snack before leaving the house so that when we do stop at a gas station, there is no need for them to ask for a “snack”. My six year old always gets in the car after school asking “Where’s my snack”.

  36. Melinda


  37. Amanda

    I keep the “sometimes” snacks (like cookies and chips) in the cupboard behind closed doors… out of sight, out of mind. My 2 year old can see fresh fruit on our counter and always asks for it.

  38. Betty C

    Tweet –

  39. Debbie B

    i tweeted here:

  40. steph

  41. Katie C.

    I always pack some water when we’re on-the-go and a banana! Perhaps I feed my son too many of them, but they’re such a portable food that is easy to clean up!

  42. Harmony B


  43. Susan Smith

  44. Lisa Garner

    I try to keep my children healthy on the go with water bottles to keep hydrated and snacks like granola and fruit to keep their energy up.

    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  45. kolpin


  46. Heather

    I have a bin of healthy snacks that my kids can pull from when they need a snack after school or when we’re running out the door. We’re also lucky that in our area the primary gas station/convenience store has a great selection of fruits & veggies so if we’re out and about we always have a healthy option when we need to make a quick stop ????

  47. Stacey Ruch

    I try to keep non perishable snack items in the car and we are often in the back yard making up our own games to keep moving and keep healthy! My kids love fruits and vegetables so we make our own “snacks to go” sometimes when we have a playdate or other outing and know ahead of time!

  48. leah wall

    I tweeted. We love Doc McStuffins ????

  49. Becky

    We drink lots of water in our house. Neither of my kids had juice until starting preschool. We love squeeze applesauce for quick snack. Both kids love being outside so we take full advantage of nice weather and play outside as much as we can.

  50. Amy

    We love Doc too! I just try to only have healthy items available to my kids. If they are hungry, they’ll eat what we have! ???? And goldfish are totally healthy, right???

  51. Robin Wilson

    When we are outdoors I have a small cooler or lunch box filled with apple slices, carrots, raisins and the like. Also plenty of water! Cannot stress that one enough.

  52. Alicia @ Naps Happen

    I have tricked my boys into liking high fiber cereal bars that contain chocolate chips, and they get a multivitamin in their juice each day. They actually ask for it now! My recent favorite, though, is the water week set of plastic kid water bottles. They are just the right size and the kids think they’re fun, so they are drinking more water. Great sweepstakes!

  53. kolpin

    we only buy healthy groceries at the store, so we’re not tempted when we’re at home!

  54. Tannah Gentilcore

    I blend leafy greens into everything I can! From smoothies, to spaghetti sauce, to any sauce that they can and will eat! My kids think that all sauces and smoothies are supposed to be green! LOL! On top of that, I also give them the same veggies I blend in as a whole veggie…in hopes that one day they will love it!

  55. Harmony B

    My kids love veggies, so I always make sure there lunches and snacks have peppers, cucumbers etc.

  56. Lisa Brown

    i pack finger-friendly fruit, cereal, nuts.

    jslbrown_03 at yahoo do com

  57. Nicole Larsen


  58. Norma

    I always kept fruit and nuts around for snacks and kept junk food out of the house.

  59. angie lilly

    My car is packed with anti-bacterial (triclosan free) wipes and gels, as well as snacks that are high in vit C and zinc and honey! Clean hands and healthy full belly for the win!

  60. Jeannette @ Mommy Needs A Martini


  61. Lisa Marie Berry

    I try to make everything from scratch. That way I can use healthier ingredients. The dehydrator for fruit leather and juices made at home are great on the go snacks.

  62. Jessie C.

    Wash hands frequently and make it a habit for kids. We also pack our own homemade baking cookies and brownies on the go.

    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  63. Mami2jcn

    My kids love playing outside after school and they always take water bottles with them. When we go to the park they like to take carrot sticks and apples.

  64. Kerry

    We pack healthy snacks whenever we are on the go – fruit and granola bars are easy to take along. And we play a lot of sports together as a family – tennis is our favorite!

  65. Stevie Luplow

    I try to keep them hydrated by keeping reusable water bottles (oh man do we have a collection of these!) with us in the car (we take them when we leave, bring them in when we get home, they don’t just sit in the car). If I know they will be getting hungry before we stop for food or get home for a meal, I will bring some cheerios or “squeezie fruits” (those squeezable baby food pouches…my preschoolers are in love with them…don’t know why) with us just in case.

  66. Madeline

    Tweet link:

  67. Rhoda Jane

    Fruit/veggie pouches are great. We’ve started using some germ fighting essential oil, too.


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