Let’s Fund an International Adoption!

By | December 12, 2013

So today is a fun day for me. Actually it’s an exciting day for me! I get to help one of my oldest and dearest friends fund the adoption of her next child. How cool is that?

I’m excited to be a part of an international adoption. And by default, you get to be involved too!

Now, I’m a woman of words, as many of you know. I have so many of them I had to start a blog. But today I’m giving the floor over to my friend Amber so you can hear from her heart.

Background: Amber and I met in Jr. High, we played together in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing (she was Beatrice and I was Hero), we were in each other’s weddings, and we were pregnant together for our first babies–born days apart.

Chunky Mommas


I asked Amber a few questions so that you could get to know her without her rambling on and on. She’s like me, and she tends to do that.

1.) {Because I’m a narcissus}: When you first met Hillary, what was your first impression?

The answer to this question is two-fold. The first time I met Hill we were both around 7 years old and were hanging out at the park while our brothers played soccer. I vaguely remember approaching Hillary on the playground and asking if she wanted to be my friend. I clearly remember her quick answer of “no” while barely even making eye contact.
At age 7 I was fairly convinced that my life was a musical; I can only imagine that I slowly turned away with a sad song.
My first-first impression was that Hillary was a meanie.
Ok, I have no memory of the meanie you speak of. I’ve heard that I was positively delightful as a child, so you must have been shunned by someone else. Hmph.
The second time I met Hillary was the first day of 8th grade. I really wish I had a photo of what Hillary looked like on my first day of 8th grade…
And what, pray tell, is that supposed to mean?!
My second-first impression of Hill was that she was funny, feisty, slightly intimidating, and that I wanted to be her friend.
That’s better.
2.)  Tell us about your family.
Our family currently consists of myself, my hot husband, Tim, and my two kiddos- Jane (2.5), and Sawyer (5).
I had a debilitating crush on Tim when I was in 7th grade. 
I am a full-time-work-at-home mommy and love it (most days). I volunteer as the program coordinator for a ministry called “City Without Orphans” in Tulare County and last week helped to deliver over 1100 toys to our local Child Welfare Services office for foster kids in our community. I love getting people excited about caring for the fatherless.
Tim is a prosthetist/orthotist (builds artificial legs and arms) and gets to come home for lunch every day. He is a great dad and is super fun to be married to. Tim is very creative and has gotten really good at using his gift and skills as a prosthetist to develop and design the leather goods in our Standard Goods Etsy shop.
standard goods collage
3.) Why the name, Dad Will Build Your Leg?
There are about a bazillion factors to consider at each step in the adoption process. Very early on we were asked to create a “profile” of sorts for the child we are looking to bring into our family. This profile contained questions on everything from drug exposure to birthmark size and placement.
From the very beginning of our adoption conversations, both Tim and I knew we wanted to bring home a child with limb difference (missing a leg or arm or hand or foot, etc.) Because of Tim’s profession and experience, we feel we have unique ability and resources to parent and love a child with that specific special need.
Tim fitting in haiti
So, though we had some very hard decisions to make while completing our profile, we checked the “limb difference” box with confidence and excitement. We titled our blog, “Dad Will Build Your Leg” because that’s exactly what we are wanting to do (and because “Dad Will Build Your Arm” didn’t sound as cool).


Tim and Amber in Haiti2


4.) What needs to happen in order for you to bring home your child?

The process of international adoption is nothing short of grueling. Every country has it’s own list of requirements for adoptive families. Many of the requirements are basic and easy to understand. Some of the requirements are down right ridiculous. Much of the time, its actually the more ridiculous requirements that pick your country for you.
One of China’s requirements is that both parents be 30-years-old at the time of dossier (adoption paperwork) submission. Since I won’t be 30 until August, we can’t start our homestudy and dossier until February (6 months before submission). Once February hits, I will basically take on a new full time job and spend the next 6 months filling out forms, chasing down notaries, applying for visas, reading about limb difference, researching Chinese culture, learning Mandarin (insert panic face emoticon), etc. And that is just to prep for the August submission date.
From now until February, and then up until mid-August, we will also be fund raising the $23,000 it is going to cost to bring our son/daughter home. We have been working our butts off since September: organizing garage sales, hunting down vintage and retro home goods for our Shop937 on Etsy, and turning our dining room into a workshop for our Standard Goods leather gear. So far, our 3 months of hard work has brought in about $4000 and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We have set a goal of $5000 by Jan.1st which will allow us to jump in to our paperwork and homestudy once February.
5.) What can we do to help?
Buy  leather goods from their Etsy shop! Guys, it’s important to me that we’re all apart of this. Amber has provided me with a code for all of you! 10% off if you use the code FASCINATING.
AND…a giveaway! We’re giving away two prizes: 1st prize is an iPad case:
ipad case
And 2nd Prize is a front pocket wallet.
front pocket collage

Now, why don’t you go ahead and enter this awesome giveaway!

standard goods giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


19 thoughts on “Let’s Fund an International Adoption!

  1. Paige Kellerman

    I so hope everything goes smoothly…:) I’m always overwhelmed by the generosity and love adoptive parents show so happily.

  2. JD @ Honest Mom

    I love the wallet! And I love getting a peek into your life as a kiddo, Hillary. Though I can’t imagine you telling anyone you didn’t want to be friends with them. ????

    1. hillary

      I swear, JD, I have no memory of it. But I do know I was a turd. I was in trouble every day of my life from age 2-7.

  3. Chris Carter

    AW!!! First of all, what an ADORABLE friend you have!! I bet you two have such a marvelous and blessed friendship!!! Hillary… you were a meanie? Oh dear…. well God surely transformed your little cold heart, eh? LOL

    1. hillary

      Yes, Chris, they are amazing. I know they inspire others and will continue to do so in their lives. I cannot wait to meet their new child!

  4. Natalia

    I’d love anything from there, they all look so lovely and well-made! I need something to hold passports though, so that might be first!

    1. hillary

      I totally thought of you when I saw the passport folder! I want one too…but I have no where to go ????

  5. Priscilla

    Thank you for sharing this! I like the front pocket wallet in blue.

  6. HouseTalkN

    What amazing people! Sending big love!

    Also, I love the small pocket wallets!

    1. hillary

      I know you’d be all over them, Kerry, if you had the chance. They also have a heart for Haiti–so there ya go ????

  7. Stephanie {Binkies and Briefcases}

    Adoption is very close to my heart because our son is adopted (domestic). I wish all the best to your sweet friends. And what an awesome career, Tim!

  8. Amy - Funny Is Family

    What a wonderful fundraiser, and I am in love with this amazing couple! I’m going to need that iPad case.

  9. hollow tree ventures

    What a wonderful story! (And I love the front pocket wallets!)

  10. amber

    Thank you all so much for your sweet words and for partnering with us through the giveaway! Blessings!!

  11. Meredith

    What a wonderful, wonderful thing to support! And what an amazing family! Also, this stuff is fantastic, but that’s a side note ????


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