5 Ways To Style Bandanas For Little Girls

By | May 20, 2014

Hey all! I was at a women’s retreat with my sweet friend Amber a few weekends ago and they gave each cabin a piece of “flair.” Don’t worry, no Office Space flair. Really it was just a square cloth–a bandana, if you will, that we had to wear to represent our cabin.

Most of us wore it as some sort of headband. Amber went for a more 50’s sort of look and tied it around her neck. All that was missing was the poodle skirt. I put mine in my hair.

When I came home, Coco saw the little polka dot square of fabric and was instantly intrigued. She wanted to know what it was, what I used it for, and could she please have it.

When I was a teenager I would wear bandanas in my hair all the time. I thought I looked pretty dang awesome. Looking back, I can see that I could have used some help in the whole fashion/style department. But whatever. I managed to land a pretty swell guy with that style and he’s stuck with me through all the phases of a decade.

Because Coco was so interested in the bandana, she wanted to wear it. This led me to buy a few more square cloths at Target {side note: Target is now carrying some pretty cool craft supplies!}. We had a few fun photo shoots. Turns out, Coco wears the bandana way better than I ever did.

So, may I present to you:

how to style a hair scarf

With Pigtails: 

Pigtails and Bandana


Pigtails and Bandana Side View


Across the Forehead: 

Across the forehead 1


Across forehead


In An Up-Do:

Black and White Polka Dot Kiss


Coco looking up


With A Pony-Tail:

Purple bandana


Purple bandana 2


Like A Pirate:

Moto Cycle 1

moto cycle 2

Yeah. She’s pretty dang cute. And now she actually likes to take pictures so I think we’re going to be doing more of these posts in the future. I turned this into a date with her and we got ice-cream afterwards. Everybody wins.

We have a post from a while back that shows you some options for little girls with short hair.


The ultimate place to get inspiration, however, is CuteGirlHairStyles. Warning: if you click through you will get lost in a vortex of creative and cute.

Looking for some cute boy hairstyles? We’ve got you covered there, too!

boy haircut

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