Why Pregnant Ladies Should Go To The Beach

By | June 10, 2014

I’m pretty much over this whole being pregnant gig. My body has reached what I believe are its limits in weight, girth, and hormone capacity. I’d like to have it back to myself now, thank you very much.

And yet, I must press on. Onward and outward until my baby boy is ready to pop out. The thought of another six weeks in this state is both overwhelming and depressing.


If there is one thing I’m thankful for during this pregnancy it’s living near the beach. I didn’t used to be a beach person, but pregnancy has converted me and I’m a beach believer. A Beachiever, if you will.

If you, like me,  are miserably pregnant this summer let me suggest you get yourself to the beach. Here’s why:

pregnant at the beach

1.)  You can dig a hole in the sand and LAY ON YOUR BELLY.

Yes. This lady is almost eight months pregnant AND can lay on her belly. Whoop whoop!

2.)  The ocean makes you feel small. I shouldn’t have to go into detail about why this is a good thing.

3.)  You can’t be hot at the beach.  No more suffering as an overheated human crockpot. The beach will cool you down, hallelujah and amen.

4.)  The waves feel like a massage on your back.

I’m dealing with nasty back pain thanks to an evil sciatic nerve. I love to get in the water and let the waves just pound that dang nerve back into submission.

5.)  Your feet are exfoliated without having to bend over.

I’m at the point where bending over in any fashion is a safety hazard. You can bet your sweet pumice stone I’m not scrubbing my feet—however, I’ll take a free treatment from the sand any day of the week.

6.)  You get a dose of vitamin D.

Pregnant ladies need all sorts of vitamins, right? And vitamin D is especially helpful in fighting pregnancy blues. Pregnancy blues include feeling overwhelmed and depressed…

7.)  You get to watch all sorts of fascinating people.

Now, this is a favorite pastime even when I’m not pregnant, but right now it is particularly helpful in diverting my mind from self-pity. I have less time to think about my sciatica while I’m watching weird people do weird things at the beach.

8.)  Food tastes better at the beach.

Sure, I might get a bit of sand in my mouth, but eating fresh strawberries on the beach is a luxury. Also? Chips. Chips go so well with the beach.

9.)  You get to work on that “glow” everyone thinks you’re supposed to possess.

I don’t feel particularly glowy these days. I feel more like a crusty stuffed crab than a glowing goddess of fertility. Fortunately, the sand and the sun polish me into a somewhat better state.

10.) Sillouette pictures.

You know people wanna see that belly. A nice backdrop is the giant ocean (you look smaller) and who doesn’t love a pregnant lady at the beach?

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