Wordful Wednesday: Unedited Perfection

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I love to take pictures and preserve time. I love to go in and edit those pictures so that they convey just how beautiful the moment really is.

But, I’ve learned, that sometimes you don’t need to edit a beautiful moment. It’s so perfect in it’s raw, unadulterated form.

Two weeks ago, my sweet in-laws came up for a visit. We went on a walk to our favorite local restaurant and afterwards played at the park. They were beautiful moments with my sweet family. Moments that made me so very thankful for the parents I inherited when I married my husband. Moments that made me cherish my little guys–and look at them a little more intently then maybe I usually do.

You don’t have to look long to see that I am blessed.

Thank you, Lord. “For your steadfast love is great to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.” psalm 57:10

6 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: Unedited Perfection

  1. hilljean

    Aww I love these pictures Hill. You have such a wonderful family:) Way to count your blessings:) P.S. I love how Chaucers collar is popped, such a stud!

  2. hilljean

    The smiles say it all – joy and happiness – a lot of blessings ????

  3. hilljean

    Because you shared such a beautiful moment with us, I shared it on My Life.’s facebook. Thanks. Donna


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