Wordful Wednesday: Happy Birthday Coco!

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Last week my baby girl turned three. It was a long anticipated day in our household. Coco’s been asking about her birthday since July.

When she woke up I said, “Coco! It’s your birthday today!”

She replied, “Well, where is it?”

I was a little taken aback. “It’s right here–right now!”

She then calmly said, “Ok, well, first I need to take off my nighttime panties.”

I honestly don’t know where the last three years have gone. 
All I know is that I still feel the same amount of wonder and awe when I look at her. Happy Birthday, Cosette Amelie!

3 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: Happy Birthday Coco!

  1. hilljean

    I cried. yes, i’m an emotional pregnant wreck. But that last picture of you holding Coco got me. I love her so much. I too do not know where the last three years have gone. I’m so glad she had such a happy birthday!

  2. hilljean

    Doesn’t it just fly? We all say it, but it still shocks me all of the time! She’s beautiful! Happy birthday to her!


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