Happy Birthday, And Thanks For The Burnt Crotch

By | September 18, 2012

Hi guys. Chaucer’s birthday came and went. While he probably doesn’t feel markedly different, I certainly do. And not because my baby’s a two year old. You see, I am suffering from what you would call burnt crotch. The inevitable consequence of your birthday boy dropping your coffee like it’s hot (and it is) all over your crotch and computer. I’ve had a bad habit of sitting cross-legged ever since I was Chaucer’s age. I believe the child has scarred a particularly important part of my body twice over now. Oh, and our computer’s broken to boot. Actually, my nether parts are all steel enforced so I’m fine. Kidding. My toe is steel-enforced but that’s not nearly as interesting, is it? No, I didn’t think so. What really ails me is the broken computer. It’s the second computer of the household, the newer computer. The first, “elder” one bit the dust a few months ago. So here we are, the grad student/TA/online instructor and then, me, the Pinterest addict, without a computer. We’re biting our nails and borrowing iPads from friends. AND NOT EVER HAVING LIQUIDS NEAR OUR FUTURE,UNBOUGHT, NON-AFFORDABLE APPLE PRODUCTS AGAIN. Ever. Again. So yah, you’re not gonna get the adorable cake-face picture of my birthday boy. Im just a tad bitter. Ok, fine. I’m not bitter, just inconvenienced. Cause I have to look at Pinterest from my phone….

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, And Thanks For The Burnt Crotch

  1. hilljean

    Mom, the magnifying glasses joke was a low blow. Low. But yah, things got a lot more difficult!

  2. hilljean

    Not having a computer as a blogger really HURTS. True story: We were down to one family computer over the summer and when there was a hardware issue with it, I purchased a second machine that night, because there was NO WAY I could wait for that sucker to get shipped back from the factory! We have the no liquids rule, too!

  3. hilljean

    Oh no… that’s bad! No computers means blogging has got to be a lot harder and Matt’s online teaching just got more complicated. Maybe I can pick you guys up a pair of magnifying glasses at Walgreens? Just kidding. I’m really sorry… Chauce, this is probably one of the first of many big oops:/

  4. hilljean

    Hahah. I know, it was a little scary to write that down and I don’t know that I would say it aloud in public lol. Thanks for finding me! I’m intrigued by your blog name ???? Heading over there now!

  5. hilljean

    Yes! It hurts so bad. I was having withdrawals and then I posted this short little post and was all ticked that I couldn’t edit it properly on my friend’s iPad. My father-in-law overnighted his old laptop to us so now we have SOMETHING while we wait til we can get a new one.

  6. hilljean

    Well, that title had me intrigued! Ugh, it sucks when our computers bite the dust. I found you on SITS.


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