How You Know Your Child Is Sick

By | August 9, 2011

1. The two or three days leading up to the sickness your child will sport an extra stink in their step. Both literally and figuratively.

2. You will wonder if the child is entering a phase more horrible and fierce than anything you have previously encountered.

3. Your mom will suggest “Maybe she’s getting sick,” when you claim that He Who Must Not Be Named has taken over your two year old.

4. The child will desire a constant stream of Little Einsteins (or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or Barney, or Elmo…whatever they’re into at the moment).

5. You will wonder how much Little Einsteins you can take before your head falls off.

6. They’ll look sick. Duh! What kind of parent are you that you didn’t notice?

7. They’ll sleep ten hours, wake up, and go straight to the couch with a blankie.

How You Know Your Child Is Sick

8. They’ll take you with them.

9. They will want you to turn on Little Einsteins again.

10. Regardless of how big they are, how advanced they’ve become, how well they can talk…they will want to go back to being the baby and you will need to hold and cuddle them all day.

How You Know Your Child Is Sick

Finally, you will not enjoy Little Einsteins, but you will enjoy the reprieve from Voldemort and the return of your angel baby.

8 thoughts on “How You Know Your Child Is Sick

  1. hilljean

    oh, what a sweet little face. I hope she gets feeling better.

  2. hilljean

    I will. She wanted to lay down on my bed a few hours ago and she just fell asleep there with all the lights on. Chaucer on the other hand, is an energizer bunny. I’m beat! Hopefully tomorrow goes better!

  3. hilljean

    Yes! I couldn’t believe the attitude she had, but now I realize she was definitely coming down with something. I feel so bad now :/

  4. hilljean

    Awww…poor Cosette! I want to hold her – tell her Nama’s praying for her:)

  5. hilljean

    This is SO true! It took me a while, but I finally figured out that when The Nugget is making me so mad that I want to smash her little head (not that I ever WOULD), that’s how I know she is sick. But you do get so confused wondering if it is the next new, horrible phase!


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