Wordful Wednesday: A Picnic Without Picnik

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So Picnik is dead. Anyone that blogs or is into photography without Photoshop knows this. I don’t know what I’ll do now. Until I figure it out, I’m going to have to just give you my unedited stuff. You’ll have to just see my life without the vignettes, cool textures, and high contrast black and white that I love so well.

Today I have some of our Easter pics to share. I didn’t get any of the proverbial “clean” shots of my children all scrubbed and shiny for church. Getting ready for church consisted of a frantic frenzy wherein I didn’t even do Coco’s hair. Gasp.

No Easter bonnets. No bows. Just a messy, thrown together bun that has become her staple look.

It’s pretty dang cute though, right? Who needs a bonnet anyways?

Why am I going to all the trouble to whine about her lack of coiffure? I don’t even know. I’m certainly not going to apologize for it.

I will apologize to anyone who saw my children wrestling in the church reception courtyard. The squealing, the body slamming, and then the stripping that ensued was a little extreme for Easter Sunday. That’s right, stripping. Before I knew what was happening Coco had discarded her lovely little frock and was dashing through the congregation in her panties.

I don’t have the photos to prove that this happened. Just take my word for it. It was both hilarious and mortifying to behold.

After the “fun” that was church, we had a nice little picnic with our friends. It was casual, easy and wonderful.

No ham or Pinterest-worthy side dishes, but our Safeway chicken and Subway sandwiches were delicious. I especially went nuts over a bag of Lays barbecue chips.

We then took the chillens over to the arboretum for an egg hunt. Chaucer was only interested in snatching everyone’s candy and attempting to ride on a skateboard that doesn’t belong to him. He actually wasn’t bad considering that he’s only 18 months.

I loved watching the kids hunt eggs. There’s something so special about kids and their Easter baskets.

Adorable Brooklyn
Sweet moment between father and son.
Roman with all the kids. Chaucer with his mouth full of candy.
She is one of the sweetest girls in our neighborhood. She’s already got that mother’s heart that is so nurturing and kind. 
This kid is gonna be a heartbreaker. Watch out ladies.

So, that’s our Easter. A beautiful day, spent with beautiful friends, celebrating the most beautiful and wonderful event that happened for our world. It’s not about Easter dresses, baskets and eggs, or the bunny. But it is about wonder and hope and renewal. He is risen. He is risen, indeed.

And He makes all things new.

7 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: A Picnic Without Picnik

  1. hilljean

    i use pixlr express now, i like it even better than picnik! except i do miss the clone feature ???? other than that, it’s great!

  2. Candace

    THe pictures killed me. At first i was dying over how cute coco was and how little she was. THEN you posted chauc in those green pants, with his diaper hanging out and his pac. When. Did. They. Grow. Up? I”m so sad. They are sooo little in these pics. Makes me want to go back in time. I sure love those kids. Thanks for sharing!


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