Big Brother

By | February 27, 2013

Today my big brother is 30. He wants a blog post, so a blog post he shall have.

Big Brother

Here the best memories I share with this incredible dude. Who is 30.

1.) Catching caterpillars at Grandma’s house and then squashing them. I know. Sick–but it still is a good memory.

2.) Always ordering Pintos n’ Cheese and Nachos at Taco Bell, and making a big deal about dipping our chips in both. Then he ditched me and started ordering weird old Meximelts. Traitor.

3.) Going to the beach for his birthday when I was six years old, and watching him use all his birthday money to buy each of us kids (there were six of us) a present from the Shell Shop. I remember I was particularly whiney that day and felt guilty after witnessing my brother act so gallantly. I’m hoping for a similar wake-up call for my own daughter…

4.) Watching him freak out and cry during the Submarine ride at Disneyland and feeling so much more cool and brave because I wasn’t scared. This was actually before the shell shop incident.

5.) Making end-of-the-world survival packs as kids. Somehow, he had stuff like MRE’s and daggers. I had socks and barbies.

6.) Being in high school together and hanging out with the same friends.

7.) Being in a Shakespeare play together–seriously one of the most fun times in my life.

8.) Him cleaning up my puke after I had my first surgery and got sick on anesthesia. Big brownie points there, huh? That’s what sold him to my best friend (who ended up marrying him).

9.) Dating our now spouses together. We had epic double dates.

10.) Getting to see him come home after being wounded in Iraq– a decorated war hero.

Ok, and getting married to my best friend. And having two beautiful babies. And coming to the hospital after both of my children were born. And graduating as a cop. And…and….and….there’s just too many. We have good memories, that’s the dealio.

There are so many other fabulous memories we share, but I’m keeping it short and sweet today. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful big brother. We are friends, our kids our friends, and we have FUN hanging out together. I love him so much.

Happy birthday, Joe! Thanks for turning 30 before me ????

Big Brother


6 thoughts on “Big Brother

  1. candotche

    Hill, it’s Joe. Thanks so much, I enjoyed this alot-time out for Chaucer’s busted lip- Okay I’m back, anyways Hill, you have a great memory. I had alot of fun being your big brother and still enjoy getting to watch out for you a little and hang out. I would say this is one of your best blogs, because the subject matter is just too excellent, so it would be hard to even try to mess it up. Love you tons.


  2. Chris Carter

    AWWWWW!!!!!! I just LOVE this post!!! You are SO blessed to have a BRO like that!!! And he’s so so sweet to turn 30 first!!! LOL

  3. Patty

    I enjoyed reading your Big Brother’s birthday blog. It is nice that you have nice memories and are still making more with your families together!!

    1. hillary

      Thanks! Yes, I am very blessed to have a sweet family ????

  4. Margo Hayes

    One of the best things that can happen to a parent is watching their children become friends and stay friends as adults. I’m so blessed – thanks, Hillary, for documenting the great memories of siblings/friends.

  5. Jenny @ Creatively Blooming

    Loved this post! Happy birthday to your big brother!


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